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IT Administrator

In this position, you are an essential part of the Office IT & Support team. You will support the organization, act as an area expert, and co-operate with the rest of the team. In addition, you will co-operate closely with our IT Architect and developers and grow the team’s capabilities in internal IT development & support. As a result, you feel responsible for the operational efficiency and the qualitative output of the team and enjoy the feeling of achievement when the team has improved the daily life of the company’s employees.

Being a skilled and experienced IT specialist is crucial, together with the curiosity, willingness, and ability to learn


Experience with Azure

  • Admin tasks (maintenance, updates, and configurations)
  • Enterprise apps configurations
  • App registrations
  • SSO configurations
  • Virtual machine installations & configurations
  • Network installations & configurations

Experience with IAM

  • Admin tasks

Experience with Windows Servers

  • Installation, maintenance, and configurations

Experience with Microsoft 365

  • Admin tasks (maintenance, updates, and configurations)
  • Exchange Online configurations

Experience in Microsoft on-premises services

  • Certificate authority, ADFS, AD, etc.

 We Appreciate: 

  • Ability to work as a part of an international team spanning several time zones
  • Self-driven and organized
  • A teamwork person in all its essence
  • Excellent in care and commitment
  • Good communication skills in English 
  • Skills to coach others
  • Ability to work in an agile, rapid development environment 

What We Offer
Competitive salary, excellent company benefits, flexible working time, and a global and diverse team of colleagues.

At Qvantel, you get to work with major international accounts as they work towards the true digital transformation of their services and offer value and satisfaction to their customers.

Qvantel is a fast-growing, customer-oriented technology company with dynamic and international culture. At Qvantel, people are encouraged to learn and develop themselves. They are used to working independently and in teams and have a hands-on working style and a can-do attitude.

For additional details, you are welcome to contact Lisette Varela,

Please send your application in English with your CV via our application form by the 30th of September. Also, note that we will read applications and start interviewing during the application period.


Qvantel provides a cloud-native, open, and microservices-based BSS solution powered by the unique Qvantel Flex technology, which redefines how telecom operators can run their business and operations for a new level of autonomy, faster time to market, and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

We are one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Finland (Financial, Employer, & International Performance), handling over 230 million subscribers worldwide and expanding to 23 countries of Operation!

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